Nonprofits Living Proof and Muscatine Center for Social Action Improve Public Health in Their Communities

The College of Public Health’s Business Leadership Network Community Grant project supports public health-related initiatives that build collaborations and support community well-being. In this video, learn about two of the 2018 grant recipients, Muscatine Center for Social Action in Muscatine and Living Proof Exhibit in Davenport. I really enjoyed meeting with the leaders of these nonprofits, hearing about their missions and seeing the work they do, and talking to the people that they impact.

Looking Back at 2018

For the end of 2018, I made a video celebrating the work that is accomplished at the University of Iowa College of Public Health. Students and faculty are involved in research here in Iowa and around the world. The video gives people an overview of the areas that UI’s public health efforts encompass. I used animated titles to grab the attention of social media scrollers and allow them to follow along without sound. I utilized a square video format, which allows smartphone and tablet viewers to watch the video in a larger format within their social media feed.


What does Global Public Health look like at the UI College of Public Health?

Find out for yourself by watching the video below.

I used photo animation techniques to bring this story to life.

You know, not all stories high-quality video readily available. However, we know that video storytelling is the way to go to grab peoples attention and keep their interest these days. Don’t underestimate the power of great photos. They can contribute to video storytelling, which allows YOU to tell the whole story you want and actually get in front of your audience.

Who’s Ready for Back to School?

For a back to school video to use in a Facebook ad, I utilized customer testimonial footage my team shot for a broadcast ad and other digital ads. The subject, Piper, has a young daughter included in the footage and talks about her other kids. We used the text in our Facebook ad to make an even more direct call to action and give our customers a coupon for their next purchase. I thought it turned out great!

Goodwill Thanks Dads on Father’s Day

I love to use social media to help bring people together. For Father’s Day, I put together this piece quickly to say thank you, on behalf of Goodwill, to all of those hard-working fathers and role models who have given of themselves to improve the lives of others.

I used stock photography from a Goodwill library and tied together the photos using a little movement, titles, and music.

7 Summer Styles at Goodwill

I was very excited to try something new to ramp up Goodwill’s reputation as a source of fashion inspiration. The idea is to remind young women that you can find items that are trendy, stylish, and only gently used, in a Goodwill store– and also give them specific ideas for how to put those outfits together! I also wanted to showcase a recent development– our stores carry new jewelry items. I pitched the idea, gathered outfits and planned the post, then went out with my team member Brent Watkins to shoot photos of me modeling the selections around Iowa City. What are your thoughts?

About me.

Welcome to my site! This site exists to show you the kind of work I do and have done in recent years. Please contact me with your video production needs. About me:

  • I am from Des Moines, Iowa, and now reside in Iowa City.
  • I have my bachelors degree in journalism and cinema from the University of Iowa. Go Hawks!
  • I work for The University of Iowa College of Public Health as a Creative Media Specialist– think of me as a creative video producer and photographer.
  • I also have experience in broadcast media, implementing ad campaigns and analyzing their results, managing social media and writing compelling copy.
  • These skills allow me to have a keen understanding of good marketing and storytelling.
  • I am always looking for ways to rise above what is expected– to create something that educates, inspires, or brings people together.
  • I love to travel and immerse myself in new experiences! What is the greatest travel experience you have ever had?